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We provide the services that are essential to you and your apps. We have influential partners that provide us with extra abilities that you can use and get ahead of competition.

Media Buying

We are able to reach effective results at a relatively low cost due to a variety of different approaches in negotiating, purchasing, monitoring and airing advertising space. We have a number of influential clients that trust us and in return we create the most effective campaigns and maximize their return of investment.


Our SDK is integrated with more then 15,000 apps worldwide, which therefore generates around 7 billion unique impressions per month. With this network there is the technical possibility to show the inner advertisements.


This advertising platform analyzes real-time data signals, reaching new customers rapidly. Using this platform, the relevant content is delivered to billions of customers. We help brands to gain insight, find new consumers and succeed in their marketing campaigns. We analyze the actions of users and get the insightful data. As a result, we provide brands with billions of new consumers, along with users who are likely to become engaged.


We combine all of our departments to accomplish the tasks and goals you set. By combining the creative, marketing, affiliate and tech departments together – we are able to put all the individual pieces together. By reaching success we do not only reach it alone – we reach it with you because for us – our clients and partners are first of all friends.


We know and understand mobile users. We have professionals with high qualifications and skills that always approach a task with a complex approach. We start with analyzing the audience, taking into account the platform, and finish with designing and creating the concept. This gives startling results in our work.

Everyads is an advertising platform for mobile applications with a payment per install rate. They help developers of mobile applications and games to attract new users and currently have tens of active campaigns, special tools, and professional support. For their current and potential partners it is always the best offer, high pay, and quality support. For trusted partners there are exclusive offers!

Murphys is a full-service digital agency specializing in social media marketing (SMM). Currently Murphys expertise covers the entire spectrum of digital services including the development of communication strategies and creative platforms, introducing media, performance marketing and SMM projects, as well as the implementation of integrated cross-platform advertising campaigns.

RocketMX provides mobile video equipment for the world's top brands and agencies. Using the automated system for purchasing advertising in mobile applications on the basis of socio-demographic and behavioral data, it ensures to target correctly and move from buying impressions to providing maximum coverage of the target audience and working effectively with it. RocketMX works with all kinds of advertising formats including instream, outstream, interstitial, and a new format - rewarded video.

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