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Affiliate Marketing for Startups #2
Unique marketing insights for founders and developers
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Social Media Trends 2017
Key social media trends from R10 Analytics
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Rocket10 x Murphys
Rocket10 is a co-investor of Murphys (formerly Daily Profit)!
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Affiliate Marketing for Starters #1
The basics in mobile marketing for starters.
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Finstar invested in Rocket10
Oleg Boyko, owner of Finstar Financial Group, has invested $3 million in Rocket10. Rocket10 has developed a technology that allows to improve the effectiveness of advertising on mobile devices.  
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A Guide for Mobile Apps Promotion
Mobile apps - a reliable way to attract and keep the attention of customers to your product.
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How to monetize an app?
So you developed a great application that meets the needs of your audience, and they are actively using it. The thing you need to do now is to turn your app into a source of income.
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Mobile App Monetization Mistakes
Mostly everyone wants to get some revenue from their application, hence they use monetization. However, plenty of these people make the following mistakes which are hurting their app monetization and not giving them all the benefits and as much revenue as they can get.
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Rocket10 Highlights of 2016
What we have achieved during the year and how we have done it. You will also see who joined our team!
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