2016-11-24 | Article written by David Ismailov

Rocket10 x Murphys

We thought that the best news should come in first! If you still don’t know - Rocket10 is now a co-investor of Murphys (formerly Daily Profit)!

Below you will find a translated press-release into English.

The Managing Director of Daily Profit, Pavel Derevyagin, announced the sale on 3 November 2016. The major shareholders will now be him and the former Senior Brand Manager of PepsiCo, Sergey Merkulov.

Starting in 2017, Daily Profit will carry the brand name "Murphys" and will focus on fully digital-marketing services, which include communication strategy development and creative platforms, as well as new media, performance marketing and SMM projects.

Rocket10 brought its international mobile marketing expertise to the agency. The founders, Alexandr Kukuliev and Boris Abaev, close deals on the principle that 1+1=3. 90% of Rocket10’s current business is accounted for by foreign accounts and investments into an independent advertising agencies - all strategic moves to increase Rocket10's assets in Russia. Murphys, being the highly experienced company that it is in working with international clients on the Russian market, will transition to handling Rocket10's current customers on SMM and other creative projects.

In the past six years Daily Profit built well-established processes in working with international and Russian companies. Besides the effective functional systems, Murphys will receive the following clients: Hasbro, L’Oreal, Spectrum Brands, Jagermeister, Rosinter, The Ministry of Tourism in Switzerland, The Tourist Office of the Macau Government, and others.

Pavel Derevyagin has commented on the sale: “Two years ago we have set a goal to talk with clients on the same language in order to raise the effectiveness in our collaboration. There was a recruitment strategy developed where we recruited employees from major international corporations, which were previously involved in the business as customers of advertising agencies. As a result, we were able to collect a large pool of major customers, place ourselves at the top of leading advertising ratings and achieve good financial performance. We are proud of the fact that the digital direction of Daily Profit has made a number of parties interested. Daily Profit has long gone beyond just advertising and successfully presents itself in a number of other business areas in the industry. In the near future it will present a new vector of business development. In addition, we do not exclude the possibility of continuing to work in the field of advertising, where I have over 10 years of experience."

“During my work in the agency and other international companies, I saw that most of the difficulties in advertising projects arise from the banal misunderstanding of each other, - said the CEO of Murphys, Sergey Merkulov. - My goal - a qualitative change of the market. Make the alignment of customer service and partnerships to the point where everyone understands each other easily. The new name of the agency was inspired by the distinctive laws of Murphy, helping the approach to solving complex managerial tasks meaningfully and nontrivially . The most famous one: if there is a possibility that something bad can happen, it will happen. For us, this means that at the project planning stage, we must anticipate and eliminate any negative factors affecting the quality of implementation. Our operating principle is formulated as a rule of 5P - Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. We will build our work on these principles. In Murphys, we plan to write our own laws in conducting digital-projects, taking into account the best expertise of both sides - the client and the agency. The development of this agency will allow me to implement my gained experience in advertising for the qualitative development of our industry.”

We hope our agency will greatly benefit from this and hope we can help more people with their mobile campaigns!

Thank you and see you on the next post!

P.S. You can find the initial press-release in Russian at http://adindex.ru/news/releases/2016/11/3/155848.phtml