2016-12-30 | Article written by David Ismailov

Rocket10 Highlights of 2016

  1. 1. Everyads
    In May 2016, Rocket10 has purchased EveryAds - an advertising platform for mobile applications. The deal amounted to $1.5 million.
    As a result, EveryAds became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rocket10. Consequently, Rocket10 now has an office in Shanghai, hence the employees of the Russian advertising network continue to work in both Moscow and Shanghai.
    "The acquisition of EveryAds - a significant step in the implementation of our growth strategy in the ecosystem of mobile traffic," Boris Abaev commented on the deal.

  2. 2. Murphys
    Rocket10 became a co-investor of Murphys, and the deal was closed on August 1st! Check out the press release!

  3. 3. Moving to a new office
    In August, Rocket10 decided to move to a new office. With the expansion of the company and acquiring EveryAds, there wasn’t enough space - so moving to a new office was a very bright decision. It allowed the two companies to be in the same space and working more collaboratively together. The new office allowed for more people to work, due to a bigger space and a more modern touch. The new location has 2 conference rooms, an office for the management, an office for the creative team, a seperate office for EveryAds, and an open space for the main employees, with some other special additions.

  4. 4. Opening an Office in San Francisco
    Rocket10 is a global company with offices around the world. Since it already has 2 offices in both Europe and Asia, opening an office in the west was the next step. The new office was opened in October and is located at 350 Alabama St, 10 in San Francisco, CA.

  5. 5. $3 million Finstar Investment
    Finstar has invested $3 million in Rocket10 this year! Here are some details about it!

  6. 6. 2016 Clients
    During the year we became good friends with more than 100 companies and agencies, and started working together to bring the best possible results. We hope to build more stronger connections in the following year.

  7. 7. Professionals joining Rocket10
    Through out the year, we had highly-qualified professionals with years of experience join our team.

    • Maxim Vorobiev has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and has worked at executive positions in a number of companies. At Rocket10, he is the Head of Media Buying, and after joining our “coalition”, he created his own team of media buyers who are the best in the business.

    • Artem Ripakov joined Rocket10 recently, from Playrix where he was a Senior Business Development Manager. He is now the Head of Business Development for New Traffic Sources and already brought a number of benefits from his work and his previous experiences.

    • Tatyana Makarei has joined Rocket10 as the Head of Marketing and PR. We believe that her previous experiences as Affiliate Director and Deputy Head of Mobile will bring only positive results to the growth of our company.

    • Inna Boyko has joined Rocket10 a couple of months ago, and has brought her strong expertise right from the start. She is currently working as a Senior Business Development Manager, and is working closely on a new project.

    Rocket10 always plans to bring the best people in the industry together, to make the progress and the results of the company unbeatable.