2016-11-30 | Article written by David Ismailov

Finstar invested in Rocket10

Oleg Boyko, owner of Finstar Financial Group, has invested $3 million in Rocket10. Rocket10 has developed a technology that allows to improve the effectiveness of advertising on mobile devices.

Rocket10 has existed since 2015 and is engaged in the creation and placement of advertising in mobile applications, social networks, search engines and affiliate marketing. According to Alexander Kukuliev, a few years ago, the company has developed an app, but when they decided to focus on driving users to the application, they figured out that no one in Russia provides such services. “We had to drive users to our application ourselves. We have studied the market, and over time Russian and foreign developers began to seek our advice. As a result, we decided to create an agency company", - said Kukuliev. Rocket10, together with Appodeal, developed a DSP technology (Demand Side Platform - an advertising network that provides ads as an auction - video, banners, etc.), which allows to improve the efficiency of the displayed ads. Rocket10 offers to sell advertising using a "predictor" - a technology that allows us to predict that the ads, which are shown to a user in an app, under certain conditions, will give an action (the user goes to a website, reserves or buys goods, installs an app). The "predictor" analyzes user information and uses machine learning technology. For example, it will not advertise a new BMW car to a fan of Mercedes and therefore will save money for the advertiser.

"Our technology improves convertibility of advertising, increases the likelihood that the user that saw the advertisements will make an action", - said Boris Abaev.

“Several companies are developing such technology in the world, the major ones: AdColony, AppLovin, Vungle, StartApp”, said Kukuliev. He states that the investment of Finstar is the first one for Rocket10. Until now, the company has been growing on its own funds.

In addition, Rocket10 has offices in Moscow, Shanghai and San Francisco. “Right now, Russia is 15-20% of the Rocket10 business. For us, initially, creating a global company was the primary focus, "- said Abaev.

According Abaev, the DSP-platform can be used for other purposes, therefore the two parties expect to obtain synergies with other fintech assets of Finstar. "It is evident that the financial services sector will actively develop mobile devices. Finstar has the p2p-lending platform Viventor, hence our technology can improve the efficiency of attracting new users in it" - says Abaev.

"I am convinced that the FinTech-holding company will have a significant advantage when using modern digital advertising in their work", - says Oleg Boyko, the owner of Finstar, “In the near future, the majority of user actions will be carried out via mobile devices, and venture capital investments in a mobile marketing agency will help companies interact with consumers more effectively and efficiently."