2016-11-26 | Article written by David Ismailov

Affiliate Marketing for Starters #1

We decided to start a series of posts “Affiliate Marketing for Starters.”, where we explain how everything works, give you tips and trick and other useful information. We will try keep everything simple!
Today, we'll tell you what affiliate marketing is all about in the basics.

Well, lets start?

In affiliate marketing, we buy traffic in one place and sell it to an offer in another. At the same time our goal is to gain profit after.

What is “traffic”? an “offer”?

In affiliate marketing, traffic is something that is acquired from hyped and popular platforms, websites, social networks and entertainment portals, through the system of payment for views and clicks (Cost Per View and Cost Per Click), and subsequently sold to various sites on payment for action (Cost Per Action).
An offer is either any affiliate campaign with all its parameters, such as the landing, conditions, etc. It can also just simply be a landing offer - a page where the user ends up at after an ad. The meaning of what an offer means depends on the context.

Got it? Ok, lets continue.

To explain in simple words, there is a market that is still very young with a lot of hidden loopholes. On one side there are hundreds of offer networks that provide us with promotional offers of all kinds. On the other side there are traffic sources that are ready to sell users to affiliates in different ways and different qualities. Affiliates are those who stand in the middle and have to skillfully communicate between the sources of traffic and offer networks, hence link the traffic and promotional offers.

Who is affiliate marketing for? Well, actually it’s for everyone.

There is no framework. You just need to understand what you like - do you like working in a team or alone? Coming up with ideas or improving existing ones? Focusing on promotional materials or on optimization?
Once you decide all of this, you are more or less sorted! You must focus on your strengths and proceed with them, because there is no ideal way - everyone has their own path and they must follow it. We can give you a very good advice - do not try to create a team, when you reach maximum efficiency alone, in other words - don’t go against what works for you and what you like!

Remember - there are no boundaries in affiliate marketing!

Let's go through all the concerns and questions about money ... How much money do you need and how much will you make?

To be honest - it all depends on you!

Each affiliate is an individual. Will he immediately find profitable offers or will it be his 10th one? Will he be able to understand all the tricks of the source that he chooses on the first attempt or not? What vertical will he choose?
Ultimately, the path to the first positive result(s) varies - it may be 5 days, or even 5 months.

Don’t mix up a niche and a “vertical” mentioned above. A vertical addresses big markets such as finance, dating, downloads, fashion, etc. A niche on the other hand is something specialized. We will talk about this is depth in a later post.

Lets speak in numbers so you have a better understanding. Lets consider the mobile vertical - the average time to reach a good result would be around 1-2 months with proper persistence. You will need around $1K, but having more is always better. These numbers are of course abstract and average, but they can give you an idea.
Will you be the one who will earn $200/week from spending $15/day or will you spend six months and $1K with little to no profit? It all depends on you, your obstinacy, emotional state and, of course, luck.

In future posts we are going to give you tips and relevant information, so that your path is shorter and more profitable. Stay tuned!